Moisturizing Matcha Sleeping Lip Mask- Why Should You Use It Before Going to Bed

Moisturizing Matcha Sleeping Lip Mask- Why Should You Use It Before Going to Bed

During winter months, you might experience waking up in the middle of the night because of chapped lips. It’s like it doesn’t matter how many times you apply lip balm in a day, its still not enough. While you take out turns to apply lip mask throughout the day, applying the balm before going to the bed should be a routine.

Just like the face cream and all other products, your lips have requirement that vary from one individual to another. People with extremely dry lips can use moisturizing matcha sleeping lip mask that will repair the skin of the lips overnight and you get to wake up with the softest lips in the morning.

Applying lip balm at night is essential because while you sleep, the skin rises in temperature to flush out the toxins and newer cells are formulated. Lip balm helps in formulating softer cells and keep them smooth. You can apply lip balm “n” number of times in a day and it will still not feel enough but at night time, the working process becomes rapid and lips are cured overnight.

Not only the lips but the lip lining must also be moisturized with the balm because that is the area which experience maximum dryness. So, while massaging your lips, make sure that you have covered the surrounding areas as well.

However, you must avoid the balms with hyaluronic acid and glycerine because these ingredients usually pull out all the moisture from the skin. But you can always use lip balms with different ingredients such as matcha lip mask, shea butter, coca butter, or natural oils, etc. These ingredients are proven to be the best ones for keeping lips moisturized throughout the night and repairs the dryness effectively.