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It doesn’t matter if your skin is naturally dry, or you can’t help but wear matte and liquid lipstick running the cotton pad on your lips at the end of the day feels like trying to clean them up off of some piece of sandpaper.
Nearly all tinted lip products contribute to more dry, cracked, and irritated lips, and, especially with age, not taking care of the issue might just mean adding a few years to your actual age. So what do you do if you want to add some color to your face, but don’t want to deal with the aftermath?
What do you do if your skin is naturally dry, and your lips always look chapped and peeling? Enter lip masks. Think of them as the only saving grace for your dehydrated lips. Lip masks work in the same way that sheet masks do, except they are specially designed to answer your lip needs.
The skin of your lips needs much more treatment than the skin on your face. Their epidermis is thinner, therefore less able to produce melanin, they’re more susceptible to damage and fine lines, and do not contain sweat glands. The results? They often lack moisture and protection from dryness and sun damage.
This is why our premium lip care line will work with your skin to naturally boost, heal, and protect your lips, all the while leaving them feeling softer than before for a perfect, plump pout!


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