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So, Once Upon a Tea

…and in the not so long ago year of 2016, we sought out to shed a new light on this elderly leaf. It was no secret that green tea had found its way into the hearts—and mugs—of billions around the world. However, we wanted to innovate the way people looked at green tea, so we dedicated ourselves to bringing its healing qualities further than hearts and cups. It was not long before we found another way that green tea advocates well-being. We’re all about celebrating the wedding between East and West cultures. When it comes to skincare, we’re in a committed relationship with green tea the endless benefits of this ingredient date back to the very origins of the Eastern culture and its Western migration.

Chinese green tea, know everywhere in the world as matcha, has developed an incredible reputation for its breakthrough levels of antioxidants. But it’s not its only quality. The anti-inflammatory properties in this natural ingredient can reduce redness, irritation, and swelling for a leaner, healthier look.

When it comes to smoothing your skin out, look no further than our matcha skincare line! The powerful antibacterial agent in the tea leaves will treat acne, unclog pores and fight off any infection, therefore resulting in a brighter, properly taken care for skin that’s toned at the same time.

If you’re looking for a solution to fine lines and the first signs of aging, then you have come to the right place: green tea also contains a powerful substance (EGCG) that effectively combats the signs of the time when applied topically.

Full of Vitamin B2 and E, our skincare line will support new skin cell growth, hydrate your skin for a soft, nourished canvas, and even shrink blood vessels around the eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles!

These are just a few of the incredible
protagonists of our innovative formulations:

•The Green Tea Extract will protect your skin from free radicals, stimulate circulation and allow you to have a toner
healthier skin.

•Shea Butter repairs, rejuvenates and softens your complexion, boosting collagen production at the same time your
skin will feel and look more elastic than ever.
•The Volcanic Mud in our masks will balance out your natural pH, eliminate toxins and impurities and also exfoliate,
to take care of your skin just like you were at a spa.
•Known all over the world for its soothing properties, Aloe will solve any inflammation you have going on,
evening your complexion big time.
•Black and White Tea extract make a significant appearance in some of our products, rewinding time for your skin
and making the tiredness of the day disappear with just one swipe of our skincare line.


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