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Amidst our world travels, we noticed that an ancient leaf had undoubtedly made its comeback among the masses. Everybody was drinking it, and with its rich anti-oxidants and soothing taste, this popularity did not surprise us one bit. Although this leaf dates as far back as the 8th Century, traditionally prepared with steaming methods in Early China, its power and health benefits have sustained the centuries. Across the globe, this green leaf’s spirit continues to fill countless people full of joy and better health! Like so many others, we have fallen in love with this ancient leaf: The tea leaf.

So, Once Upon a Tea…

…and in the not so long ago year of 2016, we sought out to shed a new light on this elderly leaf. It was no secret that green tea had found its way into the hearts—and mugs—of billions around the world. However, we wanted to innovate the way people looked at green tea, so we dedicated ourselves to bringing its healing qualities further than hearts and cups. It was not long before we found another way that green tea advocates well-being.

We have always wanted people to feel the best about themselves as possible, and through a long learning process, we found that green tea holds anti-oxidants that nourishes the skin. Once Upon a Tea took the dazzling aroma of a steaming cup of tea and blended it into a quality skin-care product. Our amazing, based on the endless benefits of Green Tea, products rejuvenate skin with essential vitamins, while also reducing pestering fine-lines and creaking wrinkles caused by aging.

Tradition is important to us, so all our products are produced where the heart of green tea first began pumping centuries ago, none other than China itself. Once Upon a Tea has spliced old traditions with modern dermatology, and the results are astounding!

Once upon a time, green tea was boiled, steeped, and drank. Now, the story has changed a bit. With Once Upon a Tea, green tea has made its way from making our tummies happy, to making our skin happy. Green tea just got a lot better, and we strive to push it even further to bring better health to skin, and to lives everywhere.


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