• by Vera Pichugina

Eternal youth is on everyone’s wish-list. The skincare and beauty industry toils very hard to make this wish-list come true for you. Aging is a natural phenomenon that cannot be stopped but it can definitely be delayed by using anti-aging products. One look around is enough to know that the market is brimming with products that promise everlasting beauty. Revitalizing serum is one such product that is gaining ground among the brands catering to the anti-aging market.


Revitalizing Serum- Your Skin’s Best Friend 


Your skin is its own doctor. It produces proteins that help in maintaining the balance of your skin by regenerating new skin cells. It is this delicate and precious balance that makes your skin look young and radiant. With time the ability of your skin to regenerate skin cells slows down which results in the appearance of several signs of aging. A revitalizing serum, as the name suggests, helps your skin to rejuvenate and retain its youthful look. It primarily aids your skin in regenerating new skin cells that produce proteins like elastin and collagen. Both these proteins impart elasticity and plumpness to your skin. Serums are like moisturizers, only lighter, that nourish your skin from within. 


Green Tea MATCHA Revitalizing Serum : Unleash the Goodness


Once Upon a Tea has a wide range of skincare products that are designing especially to take care of the various needs of your skin. Our products not only deliver what they promise but are also gentle on your skin leaving it so soft that you would find it hard not to caress it. 



Green Tea MATCHA Revitalizing Serum gives your skin the tender loving care that it needs to look its very best. Just a tiny drop of the serum on your face promises the dream of a younger-looking you becoming a reality. The revitalizing serum permeates to the deepest layer of your skin giving it the much-needed hydration. Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid and Retinol come together as a dream team in the Green Tea MATCHA Revitalizing Serum to give you the radiance and a healthy glow that you have always wanted.


Our revitalizing serum contains naturally occurring ingredients and extracts that are absolutely safe for your skin. This tiny little bottle is packed with some of the most essential natural ingredients making your skin smooth and firm like never before. 


  • Aloe vera: Aloe Vera in the serum works in two ways. It makes your pores smaller and boosts up the moisture level of your skin.


  • Green tea extract: Your skin is the first line of defense against all the external stress factors like the UV rays and pollution. The green tea extract smoothes your skin and help reduce signs of aging. It also equips it to be resilient against these harmful external elements. 


  • Propolis:  It is a substance found in the leaf buds of poplar tress and other trees that bear cones, Propolis is an anti- aging ingredient that helps fight several signs of aging.


  • Shea butter: The creaminess of shea butter in the revitalizing serum gets easily absorbed by your skin making it soft and buoyant.  



At Once Upon a Tea, we are committed to making a better world through our product line. The Green Tea MATCHA Revitalizing Serum is 92 % organic, is cruelty-free, gluten-free and entirely vegan. 


Grab a bottle of the Green Tea MATCHA Revitalizing Serum and unleash the treasure trove of goodness and youth that your skin will fall in love with. 


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